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Bathroom Painting Job.

Area of Work
Video from drywall repair to job done |

3M sandpaper | ACE Hardware paint | Clark Kensington paint | Wooster brushes and rollers |

Captain's Chair Repair

Area of Work
broken and ready for repair | broken and ready for repair view from back |

Chair seat
crack repair |

rope and tourniquet method | long clamps with jigs | Fingerle Lumber Ash plank (note Fingerle business closed.) |

natural break lines of wood grain | start manufacturing process to keep grain intact | the set up for finishing spindles | problems to solve with the set up | newly whittled spindle | turned to mark notch | keeping layers of grain intact during process | first installation attempt with 3 new ones | second installation with 5 spindles- photo | second installation with 5 spindles and jigs- photo | new spindles after removing clamps- photo |

3M sandpaper 80 grit for shaping | 3M sandpaper keeping grain intact | ACE Hardware cabinet trim screws | Dico drill stand | Dico drill stand closer | Elmer's wood filler and glue chair seat | Elmer's wood glue 1st try spindles | Elmer's wood glue 1st try clamping with tourniquet | Elmer's wood glue 2nd attempt using jigs | Makita variable speed drill to turn spindles | Sherwinn-Williams custom color matched paint- photo |

Deck Repair

Area of Work
outward left | left higher | center left | center left sill out | center right | center right new sill | right | new sill closer | new 4x4 base | new sill from yard | 4x4 corner post lever |

Gable, exterior, right side,
corner post and gable | shiplap being trimmed | shiplap being trimmed | shiplap trimming close | shiplap trimmed and scraped out |

Gable, interior, right side.
pattern from 8.5 x 11 paper | 2 panels in, 3rd open | pattern for 3rd panel | 3rd panel installed |

Gable, exterior, left side.
Rot from old leak filled | View from ground of fill | more fill and caulk and paint | interior of hole with shims | interior of hole distant | exterior of hole, done |

Gable, interior, left side.
first panel in | first panel close | added braces | all 3 panels installed |

Behr paint | owner painting rail | owner painting spindles | owner painting posts, view whole deck | DAP caulk | all done view whole deck |

first 3 Screen Tight base frames | base frames in on right end | method of rolling splines | first screen installed | first 3 screens in | spline leaves excess screen edge to hide | right end with trim cover strips | vertical base frames along front | upper plug left to back frame | lower plug left | upper plug right | lower plug right | sill plug left | sill plug right | sill plug left painted | interior view of screen | t-intersection of frames | upper corner starting spline | all screens installed | white trim cover installation |

Staples, removing,
a | b | c | d | e | f | g | h | i |

Home Depot Screen Tight | Home Depot Behr paint | Minwax epoxy wood filler | Screen Tight plastic track base frames | Screen Tight final white trim | Phifer fiberglass screen | Phifer fiberglass screen starting corner | Behr Premium Plus Ultra | DAP Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk-35 year | 3M sandpaper to shape fill | 3M sandpaper to final fill shaping |

Floor Repair Under Toilet

Area of Work
Looking up at cut away start | backed off view of plumbing area | backed off view of room area | Another view of work area |

first layer plywood halves screwed in with epoxy | narrow half of second layer installed with Loctite | car lift on blocks pushing 7 foot 2x4 up on repair | top view of 2x4 pushing on Simpson hanger | first Simpson hanger installed | view of two braces installed with hangers | different view all done |

oscillating saw cutting off screw tips | test fit two new halves in hole | start screws in newly fit pieces | load Minwax epoxy glue in lid | add Minwax hardener and stir | load mix onto two pieces having screws | view of some epoxy spread into hole edges | start screws in fitted second layer halves |

Home Depot | Loctite PL400 construction glue | Minwax epoxy wood filler | Simpson hanger getting pushed | first Simpson hangers in | Simpson hangers | braces installed with Simpson hangers | Toyota car lift |

Medical Lift Aid Repair

Area of Work
Descrtiption of product and it's repair, with art depiction. | Photo of the motor assembly in the context of the room. |

Disassembly and Assembly.
Hoist with casing removed exposing internals. | PCB assembly removed, front bezel view. | PCB assembly removed, back view. |

PCB component testing and replacement.
The BOM spreadsheet with embedded pictures. | Schematic done in Autodesk Eagle. | Individual photos of each component. |

Autodesk Eagle schematic software. | Avid (Avnet) PCB manufacturing. | B&K multimeters. | Digikey PCB replacement components. | Fluke multimeters. | Klein Tools multimeters. | Lift Aid, Inc., manufacturer of medical lift. | Documentation
Schematic PDF done in Autodesk Eagle | Bill of Materials in an Excel spreadsheet with embedded pictures |

Skylight Leak Repair

Area of Work
background | Tremco Dymonic FC window caulk | view of skylights |

Flashing removal
sealed nail on upper shroud | sealed nail up close | Velux tag under shroud | side flashing removal | further flashing removal | glass removal high end | more glass removal high end |

Stills Second Skylight
work lights to warm epoxy | first layer of epoxy | remaining gap to fill |

Minwax, first layer of epoxy | Minwax, remaining gap to fill | Tremco, Dymonic FC window caulk | Grabrite, galvanized screws, 13:51 minute mark of video |

Video of Repairing Skylights
21 minute video of skylight repair |

Thermador Gas Stove Repair

Area of Work
3M, sandpaper & scratch pads |

3M, sandpaper & scratch pads | 3M, PCB copper foil tape coil | 3M, PCB copper foil tape soldered | ACE Hardware, butt splices | ACE Hardware, copper sheet metal | Black and Decker, belt sander | Dico, buffing wheel and polish | Digikey, PCB component research & purchasing | Digikey, PCB components installed | Eaton, PCB circuit component research | Jameco, PCB circuit component research | Makita, drill for polishing spill trays with Dico polish | PCFix, PC Fahrenheit epoxy putty glue | Repair Clinic, burner & venturi orifice | Rust-o-leum, black high heat appliance paint | Summit Electronics, PCB circuit component research | Thermador model GPS366 | ULINE, PCB copper foil tape from 3M | Radio Shack, analog multimeter |

Bill of Materials, partial, Excel spreadsheet | Schematic PDF submitted by Electrical Engineer visitor of Wiggle My Legs | Schematic PDF by Wiggle My Legs based on physical circuit trace done in OpenOffice Draw |

Weepinng Scotch Pine Tree Transplant

Area of Work
Front yard view far away. | Front yard view closer. | Back yard view of new hole. | Back yard view after transplant. |

Turner's Greenhouse and Garden Center | U-Haul |

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3M, blue masking tape for assembly, Deck |
3M, blue masking tape for marking, Deck |
3M, sandpaper, Deck |
3M, coil of copper foil tape, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
3M, copper foil tape for PCB trace, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
3M, sandpaper, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
3M, sandpaper Captain's Chair |

About Wiggle My Legs |
Ace Hardware, butt splices Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
ACE Hardware paint |

Behr, paint, Deck |
Black and Decker, belt sander, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |

Clark Kensington paint |
Component Source, Simmer Control Module electrical components, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
Contact Wiggle My Legs |

DAP, Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk-35 year, Deck |
Dico, buffing wheel and polish, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
Dico, drill stand, Captain's Chair |
Digikey, Simmer Control Module electrical components, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
Drywall repair |

Eaton, research resistor R2, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
Elmer's, for wood filler and wood glue, Captain's Chair |

Fingerle Lumber (business closed), Ash planks for spindles, Captain's Chair |


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Home Depot, caulk, Deck |
Home Depot, Minwax epoxy wood filler, Deck |
Home Depot, Minwax epoxy wood filler, Floor Repair Under Toilet |
Home Depot, Minwax epoxy wood filler photo, Skylight |
Home Depot, Minwax epoxy wood filler video, Skylight |
Home Depot, paint, Deck |
Home Depot, Phifer fiberglass screen |
Home Depot, Screen Tight, Deck |

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Jameco, Simmer Control Module electrical components, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |


Loctite, construction glue, Floor Repair Under Toilet |

Makita, drill with buffing attachment, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
Makita, drill in stand to turn spindles, Captain's Chair |
Minwax, epoxy wood filler Deck, |
Minwax, epoxy wood filler, Floor Repair Under Toilet |
Minwax, epoxy wood filler, Skylight |


PCFix PC-Fahrenheit epoxy putty Thermador Gas Stove Repair PCB |
Phifer for fiberglass screen |


Repair Clinic, gas supply tube, burners, venturi tubes, rubber feet, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
Rust-o-leum, logo and burner indicator diagrams on bezel, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |

SC Johnson, Windex, Skylight |
Screen Tight, Porch Screening System, Deck |
Sherwinn-Williams, paint, Captain's Chair |
Simpson, joist hangers, Floor Repair Under Toilet |
Stuff to View at Wiggle My Legs |
Summit Electronics, Simmer Control Module electrical components, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |

Thermador, diagrams, Thermador Gas Stove Repair |
Toyota, car lift, Floor Repair Under Toilet |
Tremco, Dymonic FC window caulk, Skylight |
Turner's Greenhouse and Garden Center



Wooster brushes and rollers |