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Joist Replacement.

In this video below (video not yet uploaded) I narrate the planning stage and repair design for this job, and then narrate several views of the completed work.

It took a few months of research in my spare time, to learn what I needed for this repair.  One of the problems was deciding how to get a very long, new, I-beam joist, into the 4 foot high crawlspace under the house.  The video begins by revisiting a couple of the large drawings I made, which helps make sense of the still pictures shown.  These still pictures were shot just recently, years after the work was complete, to allow me to create this post.  The extensive photos and videos taken throughout the work were lost at the completion of the project.  After about 10 weeks of work, during the final week of adjustments and cleanup, I tried to boot my computer where it was all stored, and the hard drive rattled and never booted again.  Darn.  A learning experience in many ways.

Here is the video summary.